Student Policies

Visitors to the School

The school board encourages interest on the part of parents/guardians in school programs and student activities. However, in order to make certain of school safety, no unauthorized persons may enter the school with wrongful intent.  All classroom visits require an appointment pre-arranged with the classroom teacher.  We appreciate a call to schedule an appointment to visit classrooms.

Any school employee who sees, or is informed of, an unauthorized person in or near the school must report that fact to the building principal.   Visitors attending an assembly program are not required to sign the visitor’s register.  Mount Kibo Schools discourages students from bringing friends and relatives to spend the day attending classes as visitors.

ALL VISITORS will report to the school office when entering the building, sign the visitor’s register and receive authorization (a pass) to visit elsewhere in the building.

Scented Products

Fragrances and scented products, such as:  perfume, cologne, body spray, hand/body lotions, hair spray, essential oils and similar products may cause irritation and allergic reactions for individuals who are sensitive to these products.  Students and staff who have these sensitivities react to others peoples’ fragrances or scented products causing health concerns such as rashes, headaches, chest tightness, and trouble breathing.  Repeated exposure to these fragrances or scents may cause a worsening of symptoms.

Mount Kibo Schools wants to maintain a safe learning and working environment for everyone in our schools.  Therefore, all staff, students and visitors to our school are asked to refrain from use of scented personal products.

Dress Expectations

The home and school need to cooperate in the manner of dress.  School is the child’s workplace.  Children do better when dressed in a manner that does not interfere with learning.  Bandanas, short shorts or skirts, bare midriff, halter-tops, spaghetti straps or offensive pictures/wording on clothing are considered inappropriate.  Clothing advertising alcohol or tobacco products are prohibited by school policy.  Caps, hats and jackets will not be worn in the building.

Outdoor Policy

Mount Kibo School uses to determine the current temperature.  As a guideline, if the temperature is at or below zero degrees, or a wind chill below -5 degrees, the children will stay inside.  Determination of the outdoor activities will be decided by the building principal.  Students will need appropriate winter clothing.  Coats, hats, mittens, snow pants, and boots are necessary during the winter months because all students have recess outside on a daily basis.

Withdrawals from School

If you are moving out of town, the school office must be notified at least a day in advance so that the proper transfer records can be prepared and the child’s supplies collected.

Students will be dropped from their schedules when our Registrar has received a Request for Records from another school OR when a student has been absent for fifteen (15) consecutive school days.

Releasing Students to Non-Parent/Guardian and/or Transporting Students to New Locations

No student shall be released to any non-parent/guardian or transported to a location other than the location originally designated by the parent/guardian without written permission or personal telephone contact with the parent/guardian.


Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments for their child(ren) outside of the school day.  School is your child’s work.  Make sure your child attends school everyday except in the case of illness. *Appointment Cards would be helpful for office records to identify the excused absence.

School Cost

Textbooks, workbooks, weekly readers and most of the necessary supplies are furnished by the School District free of charge on the assumption that they will be given reasonable care.  Students will be expected to furnish crayons, pencils, notebooks, and miscellaneous supplies. *Each building grade level has a designated supply list.  A student will be charged for lost or damaged books.

Personal Belongings

The school can assume no responsibility for personal belongings brought to school by the children. Personal electronic devices (video games, iPads, etc.) are discouraged during the school day.  Please do not send toys or electronic devices with your child.

Student Cell Phones

Student cell phones may not be used during the school day. The office has access to a  telephone in an emergency.  All personal plans should be taken care of before the student comes to school.  Schools are not responsible for lost or stolen electronic equipment. Other items not allowed in school:  Trading Cards, Fidget Spinners, Skateboards

Change of Address

Please notify the school of any change of address or telephone number.  Make sure that the school is aware, at all times, of your correct phone number plus that of a neighbor, friend or relative to contact in the event of an emergency that might occur.